Currently some asylum seekers living in the Australian community have the right to work.
Recent policy changes now deny this right to others based on their time and mode of arrival in Australia.
As a fundamental human right, asylum seekers should have the right to work.

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Malcolm Fraser

'With 90.8% of boat arrivals found to be refugees, not only are we damaging the individuals who are seeking our protection but we are also losing out as a nation. The contribution made by refugees to the Australian community and way of life is invaluable. Everyone should have the right to work

Patrick McGorry

'High quality research and even commonsense tell us that work is a key pillar of personal identity and an antidote to poverty and despair. The right to work for asylum seekers is a fundamental human one which Australia must respect.'

The Solution

'Any asylum seeker who arrived by boat post August 13, 2012 will not have the right to work, forcing them into a life of poverty and destitution for an unknown period of time.'
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